Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lists of Polls to Vote for SS501

Thanks to Hyunnie for sharing this! Here are the lists of polls to vote for our boys! We need to work work work! Fighting!!!

1. For Yahoo Kids (Playful Kiss Section) DEADLINE: OCTOBER 17, 2010
How to vote:
2. For Yahoo Kids (Baek Seung Jo Section) DEADLINE: OCTOBER 20, 2010
How to vote: same as above!

You can chat with other fans here in Yahoo Kids as long as you're logged in. Chatting gives additional points as long as it's all about Playful Kiss and Baek Seung Jo. Do not say bad words, it will be a big deduction. We need back up guys! We're losing! 
In these polls, you can use as many Browsers as you can! and Hyunnie shared the lists of browsers for us to use for voting. 

How to vote: Just click the circle beside SS501

How to vote: Just click the circle beside Leader
How to vote: Just click the circle beside 'Kim Hyun Joong'
Leader is currently at no.4 position.

SS501 is currently @ 6th place

There you are pretties! Now, it's time to work! There's no harm on voting right? It's for free anyways, so why not vote??? 
Let's show the Triple S POWER!

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