Thursday, September 2, 2010

[Article] Playful Kiss receives devastatingly low ratings

I just dragged this from allkpop. credits to heartface.

The first episode of MBC drama Playful Kiss aired on September 1st hoping to measure up to the hype and high expectations with Kim Hyun Joong playing the male lead. Unfortunately, it didn’t even come close.
The drama received a viewer rating of 3.5% which is even lower ratings than Road No.1, the previous drama in the same time slot.
It seemed like people were pretty hyped for this drama but no drama can go up against Baker King / Kim Tak Gu at the moment.
This whole year, MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday dramas have received low ratings. Baker King received a rating of 44% and My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox received 11.9% on the same day.
Hopefully the ratings turns around for the drama very soon.

In this kind of situation, the article itself isn't the important thing but how the people reacts. 
I read comments from this article, and I bet you should too. It's a mixed outcome, some liked it some don't. As usual, antis have emerged. 

I really don't get people judging an actor by their first episode in a drama. I mean, are you mental? hahaha.. In our case, Leader didn't have much of that exposure in it's first episode. Aisssshhhhh.. It's just heating up and people started bashing our Leader. AGAIN! hahaha.. he's really famous huh? ^__^
It's like those antis are just waiting for it to air and judging without thinking!!! haha.. THINK THINK!! aigooo.. some people are just like that. 'ANG TABA NG UTAK NYO!' 

Well for me, the drama went well. I loved it! and I love those snobbish stare by Baek Seung Jo! haha no more mister nice guy! ^^ and So Min did well too! Two thumbs up for this drama and I'll definitely watch it till the end.. ^____^

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