Sunday, September 19, 2010

Black City's OST

Black City is a mini drama from SUPERSTAR. Maknae's on it. Oh yeah, you'll know about this huh? hehehe oh well, here's the official MV OST of Black City. AND HE HAS A KISSING SCENE!
I had a hard time watching it, I kept pausing the video. I can't see my Hubby (Maknae) kissing someone else. kekeke.. It's my first time to see him kissing a girl and I'm jealous! And his acting?  Oh my GOSH! superb!!!!! Thumbs up! I think this is a must watch drama. ^^, 
Dunno when will they air this... Actually, I thought they will air this last August. Maybe this month????? HOPEFULLY! CAN'T WAIT!

credit: seulgiyunhodestiny

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