Thursday, September 16, 2010

[ENG TRANS] Jung So Min Selca From PK set

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I'm actually having thoughts if I should post this or not 'cause I'm JEALOUS! Deep breath cheezeemelt, deep breath. *sigh. 

Caption Transaltion:
1. 'ttan ttan ttan~' I hold a wedding with Hyun Joong. Is it finally Ha-ni's unrequited love came true and get married with Seung-Jo in drama? In point of fact, it is just an imaginary marriage. It's my first wedding dress after I debut. How about this? How was it?

Dang!!! They looked good together! *sigh.........................
Caption Translation:
2. When I wear school uniform, I clicked the shutter! I shoot scenes with hyunjoong a lot of times because Hani and Seung-Jo live together and attending the same school. In this drama, hyunjoong's character is picky. but he is gentle and friendly.

All credits to my good friend keke you know who you are! ~WAVES!!! 

Credit: Hislover + Nate

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