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Jung Min's new Quest

Okay, enough with our Leader Kim Hyun Joong. Time for the other boys's News, kkkkk.. ^^, Well it's good to see the other boys shining on their own, and here's our Sexy Charisma Park Jung Min. Mal, is starting to penetrate Japan and conducted a presscon. This is kinda late, kkkk I just want to show you guys what had happened to our Jung Minnie these past few days and what's keeping him busy. ^__^ (better late than never huh?)

Mal will surely be very busy on the last quarter of this year. Jung Min is fully booked! kekeke.. ^^, 

[Article] Park Jung Min's PressCon in Japan
source : jungmin baidu ++ japan yahoo
Korean to English translation by Ode / SS501ode/

Jungmin's solo activity begins! "A hugging party with the participants"

Member of Kpop idol unit SS501 who is currently having a close with their activities Park Jungmin (23) held his press conference to announce his solo activities in Japan on the 17th. He mentions in Japanese without translation by himself that he is currently preparing to live in Japan. The press conference was held in an amiable environment with his Japanese that is a little weird at times along with his mood maker personality. The first series of his solo will be the appearance in musical "Kizuna" starring Lead as the protagonists (November 18~23 at 新国立剧场・中剧场, Tokyo). Park Jungmin expressed his aspirations as he expresses, "Musical is a combination of singing, acting and dancing, and that is very appealing to me. Though I haven't seen the script yet, I'm happily anticipating it already".

He also announced the holding of two fanmeets in December in Tokyo and Osaka respectively. "Since my aim is to be the No.1 male guy to be hugged for, is it possible for me to hold a hugging party with all the attendants then?", as he does lip-servicing with that.

His Japanese agency management Yamaha Music will also be producing his Japanese solo CD discography.

Jung Min's PressCon [091610]
reposted from Liezle sunbae's blog ^^

Photos of Park Jung Min from the presscon today are up on SS601. Thanks to 며느리밥풀 for posting the photos courtesy of JPNews.

Park Jung Min had a presscon on the 17th of September in ANA International Hotel in Tokyo to reveal his activities in Japan.

Jung Min's Japan agency, Yamaha Music Entertainment Group announced that they are expected to release his next DVD and photo book. The agency also revealed Jung Min's official site in Japan ( that had its soft opening earlier which his agency expects that it will be a good window to communicate with fans.

At the presscon, it was also announced that there will be fan meetings on December 22 and 23 in Tokyo JCB Hall and NHK Osaka Hall. But before this, Jung Min will be part of a musical in Japan from November 18 to 23 to be held at New National Theater.
When Jung Min entered the conference room,
the media started flashing their camera.
He said 'Thank you for coming to the press conference',
then gave a fighting pose. ^^

The presscon was conducted without any interpreter.
Jung Min charmed the media by being warm and friendly. 

And here's Minnie's Website ^__^

Along with this new webby is a video message from Jung Minnie. ^_^
Here's the English Translation from Ode
Hello I'm Park Jungmin
My official Japanese fanclub has officially opened on September 7.
I've been studying Japanese hardworkingly
So I want to receive recognition from all of you, "Ah Jungmin is really working this hard to have achievements in Japan like dancing, singing, acting ne" , like that......
Do come to my official website and enjoy knowing more about me
Thank you
Also, there are quite a few events that are only made available to the fanclub, so please do visit the website ne~ Come come~
If so then let's meet in the homepage, I'll go and visit often too.
Because I do see those self statuses uploaded (what shall I do) (?) as well, so do leave many messages
I'll write in Japanese too. It'll be lovely if it will develop into a comfortable place that could bridge itself with your heart.
Everybody please visit often ne, Bye~~~~
And in case you didn't know yet, Park Jung Min signed with Yamaha Japan where they planned to release Jung Min's discography this November. He'll be having fanmeeting in the future and will be joining Musical as well. 
Pretty busy huh??  Fighting Mal! ^_^

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