Monday, August 30, 2010

Kim Hyung Joon in XIN MSN Singapore

Uri Maknae held an interview for XIN MSN when he had his first solo Fan Meet in Singapore yesterday. I know all of you had already watched this, but I still want to post it since these words.....
 "Changing a new management and pursuing a solo career doesn't mean that SS501 is going to separate. We are still together and still very close and we want to perform together again as soon as possible. So while we each pursue our own solo careers, we are still preparing to hold a concert and perform together."
were really from KIM HYUNG JOON himself. So I considered this as an "OFFICIAL STATEMENT".
There you are people. Still having doubts???? 

video credit: shirbogurl5@yt 

Don't ya just love how our boys are getting hotter and hotter nowadays?? Whew! it's getting hot in here! LOL! ^^

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Love Ya on SHOWTIME!

Love Ya was danced by a Filipino Celebrities! WOW! It's the first time actually someone here from the Philippines danced one of SS501 songs.  ^^, It's a remix of Love Ya. It was danced by the celebrity judge of a famous noontime show here in the Philippines called 'SHOWTIME'.

And it's the Ending! bwahahaha! Leader loved it when they are always at the ending part!


[20100828] TSPH's BDAY Bash FOR Maknae Kim Hyung Joon

 Yesterday, We from TSPH celebrated our Maknae's birthday together with the children from Abiertas. Remember Abiertas? ^^
We invited them together with the pregnant women to join us to celebrate the Birthday of the youngest member of SS501. I had fun. TSPH provided games for the children and for us Triple S pretties as well. 
Beside of the venue is a mini TSPH booth where our admins are selling SS501 stuffs. ^^
 I am one of the few who arrived early and so I helped fixing the decorations for the party.
I enjoyed inflating the balloons, though it was really tiring kkekekekeke... 

 The party was a blast! though only few of us came.... It was really fun indeed! kekeke..
At the latter part of the party, we watched PERSONA concert and we were all screaming like we are watching it Live! hahahahaha! But it made me miss our boys more. Aigoo..

[082810] Maknae's Tweet after arrival at Singapore

Our Maknae seems happy about SGTS's Welcome for him at the airport! ^^

 멋지죠, 싱가포르의 야경 , 굿나잇

Kudos, Singapore at night, goodnight

He tweeted along with this picture

and here's another tweet from him, just a minute before his latest tweet.

싱가폴 도착~야경이 너무 멋지네요, 공항에선 열렬한 환대를 받았어요. 기분좋다^^
Arrived at Singapore at night too~ Nice, received a warm and passionate Welcome at the airport^^

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Maknae's arrival in Singapore

Our Maknae finally arrived to Singapore and what can I say? SG TRIPLE S did such a wonderful job on welcoming our baby! Kudos to you guys! Two thumbs up! ^_^

Thanks to all our friends from Twitter who are generous enough to share what they've got when Baby arrived. 

This is the venue for Maknae's Fanmeet.
Nice right? @_@
Silly Maknae!!!! Teasing SGTS! ^_^
credit: violettacal@twitter
 Hey Handsome! ^^
credit: hl2412@twitter
TS Indonesia's banner
 credit: SgTripleS@twitter
And here's a fanvid of Maknae's arrival. KUDOS TO SG TRIPLE S! 
video credit: Triple S Singapore

Awww..... where is Triple S Phil.'s banner? kekekeke... ^^ 

The Reason Behind that Face

Our Leader had a Charity Concert here in Manila last June 19, 2010. The benefits of this concert will go to Abiertas House of Friendship non-government organization that supports women with children out of wedlock. 

A while ago, TSPH celebrated Maknae's birthday and to top that, TSPH decided to invite kids from Abiertas House of Friendship. We visited Abiertas and we got a chance to talk with the head of Abiertas and talked about Kim Hyun Joong's visit there. She told us everything what happened when Leader visited them. She told us that Leader is very accommodating and very kind and very handsome! ^_^ She also told us that his road manager is very strict and Leader doesn't want flowers! hahaha remember those garlands the kids hanged onto him? kekeke.. he doesn't want that... but he's too kind that even though he doesn't want those, he still bowed his head for the kids to hang the garlands.

He also promised to come back to see if the money he donated took its effect kekekeke...^^,

And here's a big one. Have you notice? when a local actresses gave Leader the cake, he's a bit disappointed?  You can see that to his face. Well here's the true story, the original plan is that the children from Abiertas should be the one to give the cake to Leader. That's Leader's idea, he insisted that the children should be the one to hand him his Birthday cake and Leader will carry the child and speak and promote Abiertas and will ask audience to donate to the charity and sing a song together with the children. But it was all ruined because of some people's selfishness.

Leader should've sang more than 3 songs, but since he was pissed off, despite how loud our chant for him, he didn't give into it. so sad. =((

So sorry for this Leader.

Friday, August 27, 2010


Love ya, Love ya, Love ya!! Yeah Men! High 5!!! Congratulations pretties! Our hardwork has been paid off! SS501's Love Ya is no. 1 on Philippine Chart Central! Well, unfortunately Love Ya isn't at MYX Daily Top Ten anymore. Hope Chart Central will reflect to MYX's MIT (Myx International) and reach no.1 as well. ^__^

 Let me be the One is on no. 10! high 5!! good job pretties! good job!!
Don't stop voting pretties! We still have something to prove right?????????/

VOTE every hour!

Kim Hyun Joong words from Mischievous Kiss

I guess you have already read this from other blogs but still I wanted to share this news since it concerns SS501. ^^


08/26 [news] Kim HyunJoong “SS501 not disband.. Preparing for solo album next year”

Credits : + + (English Translation) xiaochu @ + iamsom for photo credits


Kim Hyunjoong is preparing for his solo album.

Kim HyunJoong attended ‘Mischievous Kiss’ press conference held on 26-Aug 2pm at Imperial Palace Hotel at NonHyun-dong, Seoul. He revealed “Moving to Key East is for actor Kim HyunJoong’s career. However, it isn’t just actor, but the company will also manage singer Kim HyunJoong’s career. It is good.”

He added “Although there aren’t any concrete plans yet, it is true that I am preparing as a singer. I don’t know if it will be a group or solo. However looking at the circumstances now, I am preparing for the album thinking that will most likely be a solo."

With regards to SS501 disbanding, he said firmly “There is no confirmation.” “People said SS501 disbanded. Not one of these words came from our mouths. If SS501 were to come out with an album again, how would that go? Please just watch over us.” He requested.


Kim Hyung Joon signs with S-Plus Entertainment

After all the rumors, the truth has come out and it is now confirmed. Maknae already signed a contract with actor Kang Ji-hwan's AgencyS-Plus Entertainment. But don't panic Triple S, it's not what you think it is. His agency is willing to support SS501's group activities, same with Hyun Joong's agency KeyEast and Jung Min's agency CNR Media. So you see, our boys are making sure that before they sign a contract, they are making sure that SS501 is still their priority. And don't forget Leader's statement, "SS501 is not disbanded". These moves are just their way to improve themselves to become a better entertainer. We should support them, and wait until the day for the 5 of them reunite for their comeback. ^^


K-pop idol group SS501 member Kim Hyung-joon has signed with actor Kang Ji-hwan's agency S-Plus Entertainment, making him the third member of the five-man band to join a new talenthouse.

S-Plus made the announcement through a press release on Friday, saying the firm "will provide its unstinting support to Kim Hyung-joon so he may pursue his activities in all fields of entertainment including singing and acting beyond Asia."

Also, addressing constant rumor and speculation that his group will disband after each member goes their own ways, S-Plus stated that "one thing to make most clear is that Kim's signing with the company does not at all mean a breakup of SS501."

S-Plus explained that being able to sustain his activities as a member of the band was one of the first issues Kim raised while negotiating on the contract. "The company respects Kim's opinion 100 percent...... We will emphasize once again that Kim will first and foremost actively take part in his activities as a member of SS501."

The other members who have signed with new agencies -- Kim Hyun-joong with KEYEAST and Park Jung-min with CNR Media -- as well as their new reps, have all stated SS501 will not disband.

Top Hallyu star Bae Yong-joon is a major shareholder of KEYEAST and CNR Media is a firm set up jointly by major Taiwanese drama producer Comic-Ritz and Korea's ROY MEDIA.

Other members Heo Young-saeng and Kim Kyu-jong too have yet to make a decision. SS501 has been one of the most popular bands in Korea and in several countries in Asia since forming in 2005. Their contract with DSP Media ended in early June.

credits: Jessica Kim jesskim@10asia +

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

US Trip of Kyu and Saengie (possible new song for SS501?)

We didn't know about this eh? Haha seems like our TS sisters in Korea is in hiatus as well. To those who doesn't about this yet, our Center and Prince went to US and the estimated date made was last Aug.18. We believed that our boys were with Steven Lee that time. Steven Lee is the man behind Love Like This, Love Ya and many hit songs. 

Steven tweeted this last Aug. 18 ( this was believed that the persons he was talking about is our boys =)) )
And today, he revealed it. He's really with our boys. ^^, and he even joked about it lol. 

To sum it up, Kyu and Saengie stayed there for 6 days? correct my math guys! haha..
So, what do you think is the reason why our boys went in the states and even met with Steven Lee?? Hmmmm.. my guess??....... NEW SONG for SS501!!! 

So watttcchhhaaaa think guys?????? smells fishy?? HEHEHEHE!!! ^^

and here's Steven Lee's latest tweet. It's about our Leader's new drama and this just made me laugh. kekeke Don't ya guys think that our boys and Steven are so close with each other?? or probably just staying close for one reason? New Song? ^___^

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong and Vaness Wu to help RP via charity event

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Another charity event from our Leader Kim Hyun Joong and it includes the Philippines again. Philippines and Cambodia is the main priority. I think it's one of the events Leader will do for the 'Project Smile' together with Bae Yong Joon. 
So glad Leader is doing some charity events like this. Leader truly is an Angel disguised as an Idol. ^__^

Here is an article in Manila Bulletin about the charity our Leader will attend to.

Kim Hyun Joong, Vanness Wu to help Philippines via charity event

August 19, 2010, 2:41pm

It will be some sort of F4 reunion as “Boys over Flowers” star Kim Hyun Joong and “Meteor Garden” star Vanness Wu will be participating in a charity event in Japan to help children in the Philippines and Cambodia.
Hyun Joong and Vanness will be appearing in the charity event dubbed “Message! To Asia.” The event is part of Kokkyo naki Kodomotachi (KnK) or Children Without Borders and Japanese TV station DATV's joint venture, “Project Smile”.
The two together with hallyu actor Bae Yong Joon, Japanese singer GACKT and other stars from Japan, Korea and Taiwan will be holding a charity show on Dec. 14 at Tokyo Dome in Japan.
The proceeds of the project will help poor children in the Philippines and Cambodia.
“Bae Yong Joon and Kim Hyun Joong willingly decided to take part in the project by considering that the project is a long term project to help children under difficult situations to smile again. Two people expressed the thought that they wish more smiles could be spread to more children, and that the children will be able to smile again with renewed hope in their lives through this event,” KBS quotes a Keyeast Entertainment agency spokesperson.
Yong Joon and Hyun Joong belong to Keyeast.
Both Kim Hyun Joong and Vanness Wu starred in “Boys over Flowers” and “Meteor Garden” respectively, the TV adaptations of the Japanese manga “Hana Yori Dango.”


Monday, August 23, 2010

Maknae Kim Hyung Joon latest Tweet [08232010]

오늘은 보는라디오와 함께! 새벽두시를 달려봅시다 ~
Eng Trans: Radio today with a view! Go for the record and let the dawn~

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Looks like our Maknae's excited about the live radio later kekekeke.... 
I thought he's gonna tweet about the incident here in Manila! aissshhh..oh well maybe he doesn't know about it yet. ^^

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Mnet has ranked a list of 30 talented idols who all have beautiful voices. The best voice turns out to be SG Wannabe's JinHo while taking second place is 2NE1's Park Bom.
1. SG Wannabe's JinHo
2. 2NE1's Park Bom
3. SS501's YoungSaeng
4. DBSK's JunSu
5. 2PM's JunSu
6. SHINee's JongHyun
7. 2AM's JoKwon
8. 4Minute's GaYoon
9. Super Junior K.R.Y.
10. f(x)'s Luna
11. BEAST's YoSeob
12. Wonder Girls' SunYe
13. 2AM's ChangMin
14. Miss A's Suzy
15. Davichi's HaeRi
16. Sistar's HyoRin
17. Brown Eyed Girls' GaIn
18. SeeYa's YeonJi
19. 2PM's JunHo
20. Kara's GyuRi
21. Secret's JiEun
22. SNSD's TaeYeon
23. Brown Eyed Girls' JeA
24. FT Island's HongK
i25. T-ara's SoYeon
26. MBLAQ's G.O
27. Big Bang's TaeYang
28. ZE:A's Kevin
29. SNSD's Jessica
30. C.N.Blue's YongHwa

credit: Mariel Molinar @ FB
Congrats our prince Saengie! You totally deserved to be in this. ^^

A birthmark, bruise or a SCAR?

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Uri Leader got in a car accident last May and it caused him bruised ribs and abrasions. Injuries prevented him to dance for a while resulting SS501 to sang ballad song in their participation in Dream Concert. It also showed the pain he endures when they are filming Love Ya MV. Lots of fan accounts said that he's in pain when filming their comeback MV. The choreographer had to stop once in a while for our Leader to take a rest. Some said he couldn't stand for long because of his injuries.

Traces of his accident was seen on his right shoulder when SS501 did a radio guest on shim shim tapa for the promotions of their new album 'Destination'

June 2010

 August 2010

I am not the only one who noticed this, Triple S Phil Blogspot also noticed it READ

Is this only a birthmark that we Triple S didn't know about???

That birthmark, bruise or a scar isn't there back on his........
Solo Collection Days

WGM Days 

Persona Days

Is it a birthmark, a bruise or a scar? 
If it's a scar from his accident, he really suffered from that accident if that's the case. That's a big scar if you could look at it properly.
That's a proof that he's really a hardworker Idol. That scar wouldn't have been that evident and big if he had an enough rest that time. But he didn't, because he wanted to give us Triple S a great comeback that even he's on pain he managed to dance and sing for US!

*Full BOW for you LEADER! ^_____________^

Leader Kim Hyun Joong had been in a Relationship for 5 times?

Credit: +
English translation: Ode@blogspot
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On the 21st August at Tokyo International Forum, the korean version of “Boys over Flowers” alumni event was held. Casts Goo HyeSun, Kim HyunJoong, Kim Jun and Kim Bum attended. Lee MinHo had some personal schedule so he couldn’t participate. On the official site of “Boys over Flowers”, comments and videos were left respectively after the casts were decided for attendance.
There was a “Boys over Flowers – Graduation Event” in April where many fans came together with the casts to express separation. In just 4 months, this alumni event was decided for hold, looking back, this event seemed to be the common place where fans are waiting for to come together again for reunion. A total of 14,000 and counting fans were present at these 4 sessions held respectively at Osaka and Tokyo with 2 showtimes per day.
Navicon has captured footage of the noontime session and will deliver more through “Want to know more about Korean dramas!” — “Event Report Corner”. So keep anticipating.
On this day’s event, the front part was talks and games. The latter part was music show. In the front part of games corner, Kim Jun posed the “how many times did you kiss” question towards Kim Bum. He wasn’t able to answer, so he drank Noni Juice. Though both of them drank to Noni Juice because of tough and naughty questions, Kim Hyun Joong didn’t. When asked how many times he’s been in a relationship (how many times he’s loved), he answered honestly with a handsign of ‘FIVE’ (5), laughing to a marvelous number with that,which caused a little stir amongst crowd that day.
During the singing part, Goo Hyesun sung her self-composed song “Brown colored hair”, T-max where Kim Jun is part of appeared on stage and sung to their songs.
It is expected that more details on this event will be released on 22nd on the ”Want to know more about Korean dramas!” — “Event Report Corner” on

Hehe, I don't care at all! LOL!!! I so love this guy that I don't care about his past anymore haha.. ^^, 


When I saw this picture, Leader looked like his part of TMAX kekeke.. but I have to admit, Leader really shines when he's with his brothers (SS501)!

Let's make it 2,000,000 views!

Calling all true TRIPLE S out there! Let us make our Boys' Love Ya MV hit 2,000,000 views! 
And post a comment like there's no tomorrow! 
Let's show, how badly we need them back!!!!! 
We don't like DSP that much but what can we do? They're the one who made our boys. 

Friday, August 20, 2010

Maknae Kim Hyung Joon Manila FanMeet [SURVEY]

Triple S Philippines is conducting a survey if we could meet a target of audience and hopefully could bring SS501's youngest KIM HYUNG JOON.


Triple S Phil. is currently negotiating with the promoters to help us bring our Maknae here in Manila. Meaning to say this survey is crucial for us TSPH. This could reflect whether the promoters will bring him here or not. 


This is just a survey. So don't take it seriously, meaning...if you can not attend to the target date, don't click 'NOT ATTENDING' because THIS IS JUST A SURVEY. No one is forcing you to attend. SURVEY guys, SURVEY LANG ITO!

This Survey serves as to how many are INTERESTED to KIM HYUN JOONG coming here in the PHILIPPINES. It's not necessarily that you MUST attend the event, it's just a survey.

Paano ba pagkakaintindi nyo sa survey?? Parang ganto lang yan eh;

Gusto nyo ba pumunta si Kim Hyung Joon dito sa PINAS?

a. OO
B. Hindi

Ayan! parang ganyan lang! ^^,

If you really can't attend the event because of conflict sa sched or financial prob., click nyo paren yung 'I'm attending' kasi hindi naman ito loan sharks na pag hindi kayo nakatupad sa usapan eh, hahabulin kayo hanggang sa dulo ng mundo.
Chillax lang guys.. as what they said SURVEY lang po ito. SURVEY.

So TSPH, if you really want to make noise and make our boys famous here........

click 'I'm ATTENDING' NOW.


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Triple S around the world and M-kissers trended on Twitter [08192010] for Kim Hyun Joong's upcoming Drama 'Mischievous Kiss/ Playful Kiss' on Sept. 1 2010.

Kim Hyun Joong jumped in a blink of an eye to the no.1 Trending Topic on Twitter.
And because of that, many are curious who is KIM HYUN JOONG.

I took a screencaps of those twitters who is curious about our Leader, though some are haters I felt proud when reading these kekeke ^^,

 I laughed at this one!

I think this means, Hyun Joong is a Korean Backstreet boy. ^^

I didn't laugh at this one.


Cool eh??? our Leader is really a WORLD STAR! Though some didn't know him yet and said bad things about him, these are indicators that he's really getting famous around the world. That's why I'm proud reading those tweets! I didn't participate at the trending 'coz something's wrong at my account so I read all these tweets instead kekeke I had fun actually.^^,

NICE JOB TRIPLE S !! we made our Leader number 1 WORLDWIDE! ^^,

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wake up call toTriple S and other fans of SS501

An unexpected incident has happened, Love Ya has dropped out of the MYX Daily top 10. It was too soon for them leaving the said countdown. They need to be on the top first. Honestly, I was somehow disappointed since a lot of Triple S are saying that they will do everything to make the boys number 1, but have they really tried everything? How come we can't repay them the love and entertainment that they have provided to us for the past 5 years? A certain vote a day will definitely make a big difference.

I know some might reason out that they don't have enough money, that they were too busy, that they were too lazy to make a vote. But just imagine... Leader Kim Hyun Joong was a Korean boy, who was able to make a donation to us, Filipinos, which is worth 1 million. We haven't done anything for him and yet, he gave this huge amount of money without any hesitation. He was so busy and his schedule was so hectic but he did make a time to held a concert here in the Philippines. He even held a free concert before to the fans. (Remember Goodbye Yoon Ji hoo?) How come we can't do the same thing for him? Each vote costs P2.50, maximum of 10 votes a day. P25 < 1 million... you see the difference?

I really hope this would give a wake up call to all those fans out there. As for me, I would still continue to vote for them, since it is my own way of repaying them. I want to prove to our boys that their fans are not decreasing, I want to prove that they were wrong when they said that during the XConcert fanmeeting. Not at all true,... since I am still here.... even though others left them...until the end, I will stay true to my words. I am a Triple S!