Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Reason Behind that Face

Our Leader had a Charity Concert here in Manila last June 19, 2010. The benefits of this concert will go to Abiertas House of Friendship non-government organization that supports women with children out of wedlock. 

A while ago, TSPH celebrated Maknae's birthday and to top that, TSPH decided to invite kids from Abiertas House of Friendship. We visited Abiertas and we got a chance to talk with the head of Abiertas and talked about Kim Hyun Joong's visit there. She told us everything what happened when Leader visited them. She told us that Leader is very accommodating and very kind and very handsome! ^_^ She also told us that his road manager is very strict and Leader doesn't want flowers! hahaha remember those garlands the kids hanged onto him? kekeke.. he doesn't want that... but he's too kind that even though he doesn't want those, he still bowed his head for the kids to hang the garlands.

He also promised to come back to see if the money he donated took its effect kekekeke...^^,

And here's a big one. Have you notice? when a local actresses gave Leader the cake, he's a bit disappointed?  You can see that to his face. Well here's the true story, the original plan is that the children from Abiertas should be the one to give the cake to Leader. That's Leader's idea, he insisted that the children should be the one to hand him his Birthday cake and Leader will carry the child and speak and promote Abiertas and will ask audience to donate to the charity and sing a song together with the children. But it was all ruined because of some people's selfishness.

Leader should've sang more than 3 songs, but since he was pissed off, despite how loud our chant for him, he didn't give into it. so sad. =((

So sorry for this Leader.


nidi said...

wow? is this for real? so he was willing to sing more? did he learn that his plan was ruined before going to stage at least? poor leader and children.. :C

cheezeemelt said...

hi there nidi. ^^, yeah I think he knew it from the start.. since the actresses were the one who gave the cake instead of the children from abiertas. You can see his expression when he saw the actresses. I actually thought his reaction is kinda rude back then, because he made face when he saw them, until I knew the real reason behind that face when the head of Abiertas told us the whole story. After the concert, he went straight to the hotel and didn't go to the dressing room anymore. I think that explains how disappointed Leader was.