Saturday, August 28, 2010

Maknae's arrival in Singapore

Our Maknae finally arrived to Singapore and what can I say? SG TRIPLE S did such a wonderful job on welcoming our baby! Kudos to you guys! Two thumbs up! ^_^

Thanks to all our friends from Twitter who are generous enough to share what they've got when Baby arrived. 

This is the venue for Maknae's Fanmeet.
Nice right? @_@
Silly Maknae!!!! Teasing SGTS! ^_^
credit: violettacal@twitter
 Hey Handsome! ^^
credit: hl2412@twitter
TS Indonesia's banner
 credit: SgTripleS@twitter
And here's a fanvid of Maknae's arrival. KUDOS TO SG TRIPLE S! 
video credit: Triple S Singapore

Awww..... where is Triple S Phil.'s banner? kekekeke... ^^ 

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