Monday, August 2, 2010

SS501's Brotherly Love (Jung Min and Hyung Joon)

We always get to see how SS501's members care for each other. That made them different from other Kpop groups. Jung Min and Hyung Joon stands out from the 5 of them. Even though they are always fighting like kids, both of them are closest members of SS501. They are called Tom (Jung Min) & Jerry (Hyung Joon) as they always fight like a cat and mouse.

Yesterday, Hyung Joon celebrated his 24th birthday arranged by the fans. Kyu and Saeng is present at the party. There was a VCR by Jung Min saying that he can't make it to the party but when Hyung Joon is talking about Jung Min, Jung Min suddenly appeared and made Hyung Joon cry.
Hyung Joon really is the cry baby of the group. But his tears are only for his Hyungs and for the fans. When it comes to his Hyungs, he always cry. His Hyungs really is important for him. Not brother by blood but takes care of each other like one.
SS501 Sub-Unit, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong and Kim Hyung Joon.
 photo credits: amorino + doublepass + pluto + pretty boy + 포유 + likejun

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