Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I don't want to name names here. But you all know who you are.
To those blaming Hyun Joong because he left dsp and might be a possible reason for SS501 to disband, THINK TWICE! Think twice before you throw things to Leader. or maybe THINK THRICE!

Assuming things without proof is simply immature. Haven't you grew up together with our boys? The last time I checked, SS501 has completely matured as of the moment.

You're calling yourself Triple S and yet the only thing you do is doubt and blame.

Let me extract for you the thing I think the reason why Leader left DSP.

According to my source, the decision of Leader leaving DSP has been made earlier this March and has been confirmed with the 4 boys two days before their fanmeet just weeks ago (the day all of them cried).
One of the reason I see is, DSP didn't handled him well. Remember the incident with Leader and the ex-president? I think that made Leader stronger and braver enough to leave DSP. They left Leader hanging that time and DSP even denied that the person we saw in that party isn't Leader. But Leader chose to say the truth and that made Netizen got mad at him, but DSP did nothing about it. Think of this incident as one of the major reasons why Leader leaved DSP. I am a gemini, same as Leader and I know gemini people are senisitive inside but not outside. We tend to show that we are not affected but deep inside, we are hurt (nagtatanim kame ng galit---for those filipino readers out there).

Leaving DSP isn't the end of the road for us fans and for SS501. If God closed a door, he will definitely open a window. A window big enough for the fame of SS501 to get inside. ^^,

And I think Leader did not made this decision by himself. He has 4 brothers to talk to and ask for help. I am sure Leader didn't reached this way too far alone. I am sure 4 of our boys agreed on what Leader wanted because of all people in this harsh world,,, Kyu, Saeng, Jung Min and Hyun Joon are the people knows him very well. 4 boys let their Leader spread his wings and fly. And all they have to is look over each other and support and still fly with him together. Our 4 boys just let our Leader came out of his shell.

We should be happy that Leader is in good hands now. Leader did not chose KEY EAST as his management company for no reasons at all. You know Leader enough if you believe this is a good start for him.

I personally think that Leader is very happy right now. I can feel relief from him. Just like a dog got unleashed after so many years. NO STRINGS ATTACHED at last! That's what I'm thinking Leader is feeling now.

And for the 4 boys, I think they are happy too now. Happy in terms of their brotherhood. But sad of course because of the reactions of the fans who did nothing but judged their Leader for no reason at all.

I know there are a lot of things happening aside from what news are saying. I know that lots of possibilities may happened in a blink of an eye.
But as a true Triple S, the least I can do is doubt SS501. 
Our boys already said to believe them and already promised a 2nd full album and yet, you still doubt them.

Leader said in an interview here in Manila that they will have their solo careers after their 5th album..... HOW MANY ALBUMS DID SS501 have??? 20 plus right? hahahaha so, SS501 should've disbanded way way before this things are happening! LOL!
Maknae cleared that please wait for their 2nd full album. Yeah, 2nd!SECOND! not FIFTH YET!!!or 5th!!

See! our boys are giving us hints already and yet here we are crying and doubting and worrying. PLEASE DO BELIEVE, OUR BOYS WON'T LEAVE US HANGING UP IN THE AIR.

Of all Kpop groups I've seen.. SS501 has the most sincere feelings towards their fans, and I should say we Triple S are so lucky to have them.

So I believe in every word they said. It would just take time for its effect. PATIENCE is the key here. If you don't have it.. then you must be the one to LEAVE.




Anonymous said...

alam mo ang sakit na ng mata ko kaiiyak")
but i have to believe leader

leighnotayza said...

thanks for posting this duls. this would be definitely a wake up call to those who were trying to judge leader on the decision he just recently made. he deserves to be respected after all that he has done for us. triple s should be the one understanding and not accusing of some things that probably might not be true. let's believe on what the boys have told us previously on the fanmeeting "believe in us..SS501 will be together". even maknae mentioned it in music high. so why doubt their statements? believe....

khjphil said...

Well said, cheezemelt! This must have been the toughest decision that Kim Hyun Joong has ever made.

Wasn't that why he cried in the March concert?

But for sure this is going to be the most promising one. I am sure the rest of SS501 support him with this. Let us support him as well.