Thursday, June 24, 2010


You would probably wondering what this picture of a cake doing here at my SS501 blog. kekekekeke.. Alright, let me connect it for yah.^^,

This cake is a product of stalking Leader. hehehehe..My friends were forced to buy a cake from a restaurant in the Hotel where Leader stayed. We thought that Leader will be going to that restaurant cause all of his staffs and dancers are there. hehehe so we decided to buy any food from the restaurant for us not to recognize as a fan but just a regular customer. hahaha!! FUNNY!
We were like 8 persons sharing with 1 cake! 
Cody nunna, Laura and mr. Manager is just sitting beside us and the uber hot dancers are behind us as well. We were surrounded by Leader's people and yet no signs of Leader. aissshhh..

But it's all worth the wait. We saw Leader just before his presscon with GMA and MYX. ^______^. 

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