Wednesday, June 23, 2010


This is my gift to Leader. It's a huge birthday card hehehe..^^, I let my fellow TRIPLE S wrote their messages to Leader and to the 4 boys. I planned to write this all in hangul hehehe but I was in a hurry back then when we were writing our messages because I was planning to give this to Leader before my birthday ends. hehehe..^^,
Can you see the animal pix?hehehe.. Leader(dog) and Maknae (turtle) are the only one present there hehe so I made Mal the snake, Saengie the pig and Kyu the goat! hahahhaaha.. I wrote their names in hangul next to it..^^, bwahahaha.. my friend told me to choose the goat for kyu..hahaha because goats smells bad hehe and kyu doesn't want to take a bath and that made kyu smells bad also hahaha just kiddin!^^,

Guess to whom I gave this card? heheeh.. I gave it to Laura!! Leader's interpreter! hehe remember her? ^^, she's a nice lady, hehe when I gave this card, she said that Leader is really really happy because of the warm welcome of the Filipino fans. Awwwwwww!! ^^, hehehe anyways, my friend saw Laura and Leader's manager just when they got in the elevator. She saw Laura gave my card for leader to Leader's manager! kekekeke..... cool eh? hope it will really reach Leader and read it. ^^,


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