Wednesday, June 2, 2010


The news was out the Kim Hyun Joong our Leader will be having a charity concert together with beast here in manila on June 19. It is a concert for the benefit of Abiertas House of Friendship.
It is rumored that this won't be your ideal concert whereas artists will only sing 2 or 3 songs, and fans around asia not only in the philippines are now having doubt if they will watch this concert.

My comment:

So what? So what if Leader will only sing 1 or 2 songs??? As a true fan, these kind of things should never ever cross your mind! My God! Are you kidding me?... Are you saying not to watch Leader in this concert??? I'm about to cry here... tsk

It hurts to know that people are having doubts about this..and it hurts even more to hear that from a Triple S..='(( it's like you're saying not to watch and support leader.... Okay I admit, I was also doubtful about this and I'm actually complaining about how expensive it is. But, I've realized that.. 'So what'??... Leader sacrificed so much for us Triple S! haven't you noticed it yet????? No matter how expensive this concert is, to sum it all up..this is no match to what Leader gave and sacrificed for us!! T_T

Why don't we just support leader and don't think about how much exposure he'll get or how expensive this be. Do you think he'll be happy to see his fans saying this?? do you think he'll be happy that after all his effort, he'll only see fans saying such things?? this is sad.. ='(( really sad......

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