Friday, June 17, 2011

[Winner] 6.17.11 Kim Hyun Joong's statistics in Music Bank

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Congratulations again Leader! =) 

Okay here's the score of uri Leader for this week's Music Bank. In some categories, I may say that Beast won majority of it.. What pulled Leader up is the Album Sales which was sky higher than Beast's but the rest are kinda low. But all in all, again Leader won! =) Mansae! 

Digital Score
Kim Hyun Joong: 2065
Beast: 7060 (winner)
Viewer's Rating Score 
Kim Hyun Joong: 0 <<-- WTF!
Beast: 720 (winner)
Broadcast Score
Kim Hyun Joong: 2168
Beast: 2943 (winner)
Album Score
Kim Hyun Joong: 11547 (winner)
Beast: 835
Kim Hyun Joong: 15780 (WINNER!)

Beast: 11558 

If you will notice and read back Young Saeng's score when he battled for 1st against F(x)~ Leader and YS both got 0 (zero) in Viewer's Rating... WHY? HOW COME? O_O

Here's the video for Today's Winner:

cr: unknowncarrot170


Anonymous said...

maybe it was 0 because it was new to the chart. young saengie also had his first week when he battled f(x)~

fewzz said...

how come that HJ got 0..? Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lichiii said...

hearsay that the first week of comeback is 0 for sure, so never mind, i think it won't be 0 next week

Paige 패이지 said...

Is viewer rating with SMS? You remember what SS501 said about sms-ing to vote for them? They said no, don't do it, they rather lose. So I guess TS are very obedient.