Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kim Hyun Joong's mini album 'LUCKY' portrays the 'BAD GUY' that Radiates Charm

Well oh well...look who's back. The Emperor of Asia is now ready for his 2nd album 'Lucky' with this charming and yet intriguing album jacket that made us drool again! Hehehehe do you like it pretties? Nice concept right? =)) 

Here's a korean article from Sports World about our Leader Kim Hyun Joong. ^^,
I just don't get this article saying about sunglasses..... I don't see sunglasses in the photo, have you?...O.o

Kim Hyun Joong's mini album 'LUCKY' portrays the 
'BAD GUY' that Radiates Charm

Source: Sports World Korea
Korean to English Translation: Cheezeemelt
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Singer Kim Hyun Joong's 2nd mini album jacket for 'LUCKY' discloses an eye-catching one.

Kim Hyun Joong's album jacket was released today where he transformed himself from a dandy man look into a vintage casual look kind of guy. Introducing an excellent styling complete with sunglasses makes the jacket colorful that gave us a deadly charm. In this concept, his eyes is full of mischief and yet with a perfect harmony which made the album's expectation more heightened. 

2nd album 'Lucky' composed of 5 tracks. 'Do You Like That' is a combination of  funky rock and a strong band musical instruments while 'I'm Your Man' is composed of an impressive sweet melody and lovely lyrics.

In particular, the title song 'LUCKY GUY' a rhythmic electric guitar and a brass bass of a rock band sound is made of American-tempo funk rock. Kim Hyun Joong liked the idea of the usual band playing music and gave efforts at the beginning of the album production.

In addition, rock band Day Break and the talented local punk soul band Common Ground are all invited for a session to contribute and improve the quality of the song. 

Days left before it's release, the team is now focusing on upgrading the album since he is now expected and scheduled to perform for the Korean music programs.

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