Friday, June 4, 2010


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Look who's back!!! kekekeke... our MEN!!!! ^____________________^ I super duper missed these guys! gosh,, can't believe that after 5 long years, I can still watch them together, smiling, dancing and singing just like before. Didn't expect they will stay this long. *sniff*.. Look how handsome they are!! They really grew up! I'm so proud....*sniff* ='))

Okay okay enough with the drama! hahaha..^^,
The comeback? oh well... they were just AMAZING!! no words can explain it actually! I'm so impressed! even though I noticed that they committed lots of mistake kekekeke ,,kwenchana!! They still got the hottest comeback in Music Bank!

That's what you called 'COMEBACK'!!! unlike others, who are just there,, you know,, just for the sake of singing and dancing and making cute gestures.. awwww.... please! we are so over them already!!.. A Comeback should be something Powerful, and entertaining at the same time,,, aiissshhhh.. I've seen others comeback..and they were just like, standing there! nothing special on it!

That's what make SS501 different from them.. they always give their 100% on their comeback performances! not to mention the stage! oh c'mon! where can you see that kind of stage? so explosive!!(literally) kekekeke..^^, and the projections??? hands down to our boys!! really, I'm not just saying this coz I'm a triple s..but judging other groups,,SS501 is way way way different!!

When SS501 is performing they always give their heart into the performance, for instance Leader... haissstt... so want to hug this guy to comfort him with the pain he's enduring..=((
Did you see the way his eyes looked at the camera? is that an injured man? hahahaha so fierce!

They really deserve to win! MUST WIN!!!! we have to payback our boys for such a great work!

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