Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wake up call toTriple S and other fans of SS501

An unexpected incident has happened, Love Ya has dropped out of the MYX Daily top 10. It was too soon for them leaving the said countdown. They need to be on the top first. Honestly, I was somehow disappointed since a lot of Triple S are saying that they will do everything to make the boys number 1, but have they really tried everything? How come we can't repay them the love and entertainment that they have provided to us for the past 5 years? A certain vote a day will definitely make a big difference.

I know some might reason out that they don't have enough money, that they were too busy, that they were too lazy to make a vote. But just imagine... Leader Kim Hyun Joong was a Korean boy, who was able to make a donation to us, Filipinos, which is worth 1 million. We haven't done anything for him and yet, he gave this huge amount of money without any hesitation. He was so busy and his schedule was so hectic but he did make a time to held a concert here in the Philippines. He even held a free concert before to the fans. (Remember Goodbye Yoon Ji hoo?) How come we can't do the same thing for him? Each vote costs P2.50, maximum of 10 votes a day. P25 < 1 million... you see the difference?

I really hope this would give a wake up call to all those fans out there. As for me, I would still continue to vote for them, since it is my own way of repaying them. I want to prove to our boys that their fans are not decreasing, I want to prove that they were wrong when they said that during the XConcert fanmeeting. Not at all true,... since I am still here.... even though others left them...until the end, I will stay true to my words. I am a Triple S!

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Nina said...

you're so right! i'm from germany and i want to support our boys no matter what! i'm also voting as much as i can so they will reach #1!!
and btw! your blog is the best <3