Wednesday, October 20, 2010

SS501's Role as a member

Okay, okay.... I think I noticed something..keke I found it really Ironic but still I'm happy about it hahaha! It seems our boys had their own role for breaking on what's the real score about their band. kekekeke... Did they talked and planned about this? haha I imagined Leader doing sketches on what-to-do notes ehehehehhe

Here's my theory:

Leader's role: The first to announce about going solo but didn't talk to us Triple S. Being the Leader, he is the one who took the responsibility first. After this, he lets his dongsaeng to take over regarding the matter.

Mal's role: He is the one who got out from the shell and talked to us Triple S regarding the issue. He made us a bit calm.

*Note: Amidst this issue, I wondered where could Maknae be that time. I told my friends, Maknae is so quiet while he's the most talkative member but he remained quiet about the issue. We suspect that this is really a sensitive situation that even the loudest person I know kept quiet.

Kyu's role: While Mal made us a bit calm, Kyu made us more secure by talking to us via DSP site. Remember those sweet messages we got from DSP tok???

Saenige's role: The entertainer. He entertains us by showing us how he played baseball *drools. In this way.... we could switch our attention for a while.

Now they made their plans more aggressive. Kyu and Saengie is together in an agency (B2M). Being together might gave us a clue and not to worry anymore. But prior to the disbandment issue they already gave us some clues. We're just being blind and stupid to believe those rumors.

Maknae's role: Now everything is under control, he took the driver's seat and lead the way on revealing about what's the real score between the 5 of them. He's the one assigned to spill but not all regarding the issue. This is probably the reason why he kept quiet all the way. He has something for us Triple S more than we hoped for. ^_^

The Most anticipated comeback. Half way of 2011!

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