Sunday, October 24, 2010

Maknae's Midnight Show 'Oh Bam Ah'

Aside from being busy with Fanmeetings, Musical etc.. , our Maknae has a show callled 'Oh Bam Ah, Midnight Idols'. It's a show where Sunbaes (Seniors) and Hoobaes (Juniors) are competing each other. They are filming this in the middle of the night, that's why it is also called ' Midnight Idols'. Maknae is one of the Sunbaes (Seniors) and MC of this show. Maknae is the youngest of the Sunbaes (Seniors)~ as always the youngest~ He sometimes too is bullied here by his Sunbaes and even Hoobaes! (Rawr!! Me mad!!). The show is currently airing, every midnight of friday. Meanwhile here are the episodes so far~ (No English Subs yet!) 

      09-30-10 Episode:

10-08-10 Episode:

10-15-10 Episode:

10-22-10 Episode:

all credits to lhlhjb for uplaoding this.

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