Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kim Hyung Joon Transforms into a Mature Image

I know this is kinda late, but how can I resist from not posting this? Hehehe better late than never huh? 

~Omo, look at our Baby! He really turned into a man. Aigoo, not long ago he is the baby of SS501, but now he's on his own... ~

Kim Hyung Joon has transformed from an idol into a mature male for a cover on CJ Premium’s October edition of their “Hello TV” magazine.

Having always shown the bright, fun sides of his image as the SS501 maknae, Kim Hyung Joon showed off a more stern look with a chic gaze. The photographer stated, “I’ve worked with him a lot over the course of his career. He’s changed a lot for this photo shoot, you can see it in the depth of his eyes. He’s changed from an idol maknae to a charismatic young man.”

Kim Hyung Joon also participated in an interview for the magazine and revealed, “SS501 is not broken up. They’re all doing solo activities, but we’re all just like batters up in the batter’s box, ready to use our individual experiences and talents to create our own path. We’ll always be one team, so please continue to support us.”

Source: Newsen
Photos: Hello TV


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