Thursday, October 28, 2010

[Mal] Park Jung Min's Royal Avenue's New Concept

To all those who didn't know yet (New SS501 Fans), Mal (Jung Min) put up a clothing business called 'Royal Avenue'. It sells fashionable clothing, shoes and face/body accessories. Park Jung Min managing it himself together with close friends and now it has a new concept. They now sell branded stuffs like Gap, Abercrombie, Hollister, Polo, Coach etc. and they are now accepting online buying using your credit cards ( I don't know if they are accepting international orders~)


Here's the map on how to get to Royal Avenue: click image to enlarge:

Royal Avenue is also selling Kpop albums/accessories and ofcourse SS501 albums too~

And now let's take a trip on Mal's shop ^^, 

Royal Avenue has a small cafe.

And the shop itself..

For more pictures of Royal avenue go here:
For Royal Avenue's official site, click this.

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