Wednesday, October 13, 2010

PK Episode 13

Episode 13 is DAEBAK! The best episode so far, not only because of the kissing scene. Hehehehe.... So this is my recap so far, I know some of you have watched it online too..but this is for those unfortunate fans who can't watch it for some reasons kekeke... since my hangul is very bad, forgive me about my recap. ^_^

~ So the episode started with Hae Ra, Grandfather and Seung Jo. Ofcourse we all know they will date right afterwards right? kekekeke.. What really caught my attention is Seung Jo's behavior whenever he's with Hae Ra. It was like he's constipated or what. Maybe because he's in pain. He can't let it out what he really feels. And that bitch Hae Ra was so happy dating with Seung Jo. Playing with water with him at the park. Duh? that's flirting! And Seung Jo just let Hae Ra act like that way. Aigoo.. Poor Ha Ni so devastated when she knew Seung Jo was dating Hae Ra. She was like so sad almost half of the episode. And so Ha Ni went to date with Joon Gu. The date was beautiful. I like that scene. Joon Gu looked amazingly hot. And the 2 couple met. Seung Jo's reaction was sooooooo gooodddd and sooo smoothhh... hehehe (great acting there Leader!). Seung Jo said to Ha Ni and Joon Gu that they looked good together and of course Ha Ni was pissed off. Joon Gu and Ha Ni left and then Joon Gu proposed to Ha Ni. Ha Ni said she will think about it and give her time to think. 

Hae Ra went to Baek's house and brought some food. Seung Jo's mother to the rescue! haha! She was like arrogant when talking to Hae Ra. Just like backing up Ha Ni. I so love Seung Jo's mother.

Seung Jo's mother talked to Seung Jo about dating Hae Ra but Seung Jo shouted at her mother for talking about it. Funny little Eun Jo was confused to what his Hyung doing/acting. Eun Jo thought about what he saw (the stolen kiss) and got confuse because his Hyung was acting different. Eun Jo knows what his Hyung really feels and he said that to their mom and dad. Naughty mommy, gave Eun Jo a cake and made him tell what about him talking about his Hyung and Ha Ni. haha I also love that part. 

Seung Jo went to the tennis court and looked for Ha Ni. Luckily 2 friends of Ha Ni, Min Ah and Ju Ri was also there taking a walk. They saw Seung Jo and decided to tease him about Joon Gu's proposal to Ha Ni. Seung Jo's reaction was DAEBAK! I smelled jealousy! haha

Joon Gu called Ha Ni and went to their noodle restaurant. It was raining hard outside. Joon Gu reminded Ha Ni about his proposal and tried to kiss Ha Ni. Ha Ni got  mad and ran out of the rain. She was all wet by the rain when got off of the bus and VOALA! look who's waiting! hahaha.. Seung Jo was waiting at the bus stop and got a umbrella with him. 

Seung Jo asked Ha Ni about Joon Gu's proposal and Seung Jo seem mad about it. Seung Jo yelled at Ha Ni. AND THEN THEY KISSED! (the kiss was awesome, I'm telling you guys!)

                        "Stop liking someone, the only one you like is me."~~~~~

Gyaaaahhhh! this scene is sooooooo romantic! Look how Seung Jo held Ha Ni's face. This was the sweetest after kiss ever! ^^, 

so for this episode,,,, TWO THUMBS UP! 

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