Saturday, October 23, 2010

Maknae Kim Hyung Joon of to Taiwan for another Fan Meeting

Our Maknae will be having a fan meet again and now his destination is Taiwan. The fanmeet is tomorrow but he went there a day earlier. Our boys are really busy doing their solo activities. I just hope they're taking care of themselves. We don't want a collapsing Idol !! We want you healthy! 'coz you still have a comeback next year.. hehehe arasso? ^_^ 

P.S.: Is Maknae wearing the same polo (the blue one) the one he wore at his fanmeet in Singapore? Only this time he wore it with a coat.

Maknae at Incheon Airport going to Taiwan [10-23-10] 

Photos by Chu Min

Photos by Pretty Boy:

Fancam from TWTS (Taiwan Triple S)

Maknae at Incheon (Korea going to Taiwan)

Maknae at Taiwan Airport

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