Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Trending Topic no.2 and no.7

We had a trending topic last night on Twitter saying how much we miss our boys. We reached no.2 behind 'NOBEL PRIZE'. But don't worry, 'SS501' got into the list and reached no. 7! Isn't it great? We planned to trend #wemiSS501 but SS501 also got in the list!! We didn't planned 'SS501' to be in the list. It's just pure TS POWER! Maknae was online last night while we are trending, but I'm not sure though if he notice our trending. I doubt he knows about trending! hahaha.. CONGRATULATIONS PRETTIES/TRIPLE S/GREENPEAS! ~

In this photo, 'SS501' is on no.10 but minutes later, it reached no.7 and I think it stayed there even after the trending is over (9pm-11pm KST). MANSAE!!

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