Saturday, October 30, 2010

[Maknae] Kim Hyung Joon's Oh Bam Ah with Eng Subs

Yey! Let's celebrate, kekeke... Thanks to Only Jun for subbing this up. I've been waiting for someone to sub it,  coz' I'm telling ya this show is hilarious! I love it! Well not because Maknae is here, it's really a funny show. The hosts are so funny! but sometimes, I've got to admit they're hurting Maknae here... well it's up for you to find out now that there's an eng subs already! but I'm sure you'll all have fun! 

Oct 1, 2010 Episode 1
[Eng] MBC Every1 Midnight Idols 101001 from Midnight Idols on Vimeo.

 Oct. 8, 2010 Episode 2

101008 MBC Every1 Midnight Idols Ep2 from crazynoona on Vimeo.

Oct.  15, 2010 Episode 3

[Eng] Midnight Idols Ep3 101015 from Midnight Idols on Vimeo.


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