Monday, October 11, 2010

Leader Kim Hyun Joong @ Japan Fanmeeting

Yeah, I know he's handsome and smexyy..kekeke.. no need to say that! hahahahaha... It's huge obvious eh? Lucky japanese fans, they always got most of our boys... I hate it. Sometimes I wish I live in Japan rather in Korea kekeke.. =))

The First Love Story fan meet was held at JBC hall. I gotta tell ya gals, that smile is worth a trillion!!!! 
And btw, who says he lost weight? Damn, look at him.. he's blooming! And did you notice the ring on his right hand? It's been months I didn't seen him with a ring since Joongbo days... Is it a sign eh? hhehehe or is it only for endorsement?  JOONGBOERS! I think you have to explain this.. kekeke * wooot!!!

credits:  + MurdererQ

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