Friday, October 22, 2010

[Message] from Everyone's Leader KIM HYUN JOONG

 I wanna see the real message of Leader! I wanna see how he wrote the last part 'Your Leader, Hyun Joong' There are so many translation of his message kekekeke... Different but the same thought. So I only chose one to post here however, it's up to you how you will absorb it kekekeke.. ^_^ Thanks to the translators! The one I posted here is from YBPstar, source:

My first drama as a leading actor ...
there were some noise here and there... but
because you, my fans, were there supporting me,
I did not despair,
but was able to finish everything well ~~~ ^^

Ummm... so many rumours, unproven baseless news reports..
even then... not listening to or watching at any of those,
but only looking at me, with such patience,
you waited for today.
To you...
I'd first like to say thank you.

I am like this..
I do not wish to give you
an unreasonable but just wishful waiting..

So.. when things got more settled
I wanted to tell you about details.
I am sorry about letting you know
my tidied thoughts this late.

The thoughts were this...
be optimistic, be round and round..

While shooting the drama
I knew that you worried about
the rating,
but I think I have overcome a very important crisis
with "Mischievous Kiss"...

while living as Baek Seung Jo, not as me...

Though I am not such a genius one,
but just like Baek Seung Jo had inner struggles
without talking about them with others,
I, too, was trying to solve difficulties

while struggling like that myself,
I saw this line
"have fun myself, give happiness to others"
thanks to this line
I've had a deep thoughts.

So I, Kim Hyun Joong, too
want to try to live having more fun..

If I meet difficulty and hard time,
I can communicate with, and talk to my fans...
I am not that such a mysterious guy, right? ㅋ

I realized that
I myself was also obsessed about the results
so I corrected it...

In the past
I was perhaps like... pretending to live a fun life.
From now on, I want to try my best
admit the result as result
and will not live in denial.
I want to live like that.

There is a challenge to me
in the near future:
the first solo slbum ^^
I will really try my best
and I will give you lots of fun.

During August, September, and October 2010,
you watched over me.

In 2011,
I will come back successfully, so that
I can watch over you. *^^*

Thank you for watching this drama happily
during last three months.

Take care...
and wrap up your year 2010 well ^^

From today
I regard you as my family members ^o^

See you~~~ ^^

October 21, 2010
At the last episode of "Mischievous Kiss"

Your leader Hyun Joong.... ^^

(translated by YBPstar)

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