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[Maknae] Kim Hyung Joon feelings about his upcoming Musical

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[Star Interview] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun “Curious about Response to Expressions Acting”

“Because it’s musical, so I’m very worried, fortunately practise sessions have been rewarding. I’m more relaxed these days.”

First time stepping onto the musical stage. But had already seen through the nature of musicals. Although the songs are very important, but also have to focus on rhythm, acting and the expression of emotions. His pressure is on “how I’m going to convey my expressions to the audience who are sitting in the auditorium seats. I’m really looking forward to it.” SS501 member Kim Hyung Jun is already gradually growing to become an “actor” already.

From 24 November, Kim Hyung Jun will be taking musical as a special challenge. Musical is a domain that belongs not to the singers, but actors. Because of his appearance in the musical, the seating capacity has increased from a scale of 300-seats to 600-seats. “If I were to say that there is no psychological burden, I would be lying.” However Kim Hyung Jun has already immersed himself in the musical practice for almost two months, so sooner or later, he would be presenting a stage that is comparable to that of the Japan’s stage performed by the producer of this musical, who is also his senior in the same management company, Kang Ji Hwan.

“Musical phonation (or vocalisation) is really difficult. I have a lot of worries. But I thought I should just do things according to my own style. The feelings that are felt between lovers are something that is very natural. I really hope to be able to sing comfortably with my counterpart, as if (we are just) singing songs.”

Kim Hyung Jun said that, “Audiences are right in front and they can witness everything, this is really a very different experience. My expressions and other minute details will become the focus of everything” For this long-term performance, Kim Hyung Jun spent long hours every day managing his body, exercising regularly. In order to advance his musical stage, promotions have been carried out on various events.

“Feels the same like working for SS501’s activities. You reap what you sow. Put in my best efforts in the musical, so I hope to get good results. Will feel good because you gain as much as you put in. Now I can heave a sigh of relief and would be able to do whatever that pleases me.”

Kim Hyung Jun’s ambitions are starting to be realised. His motivation is also to have activities as an actor besides being a singer. Having singing activities as part of SS501, he also wants to challenge in various areas such as the musical stage and act in dramas.

“To me, SS501 is the best thing. Fortunately, early next year there will be a chance for all members to come together, I’m really looking forward to it. Although for the time being, I’m only carrying out solo activities, but I always believe that SS501 is my roots.”

The phrase that Kim Hyung Jun spurs himself with can also been seen on the wall scroll at the interview site. “You always have to see things through to the end.” He expressed that he should never forget about this phrase even when he is enjoying what he is doing.

Awwww. that was so sweet of our Maknae. He's always vocal about SS501. I bet he really misses 5 of them together. Since he is the youngest, while he's with his hyungs he's always being taken care of, but now he's alone it's really hard to adjust. No one's looking out for him~ No hyungs will take care and bully him kekekekeke... Don't worry Maknae, the long wait will  be over~ ^_^

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