Friday, October 22, 2010

[Photos & More Fancams] Good-Bye Baek Seung Jo

Here are the pictures of our Leader Kim Hyun Joong as he celebrates the final episode with the fans of his drama 'Playful Kiss/ Mischievous Kiss'. 
Seeing our Leader like this makes me calm and relax. He is like a valium to me. Lols. His smile just go through the bones! Electrifying! haha. ^_^

Photos by Weolcheok

Photo credit as labeled:

 Photos from HyunJoong China

Photos by Yuri Yuri:

 Photos by Hyuniversal:

 Photos by ShiA


Please Be NIce to Me (Acoustic Version)

One More Time


 Thank You
by: KHJ Perfect

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