Saturday, October 2, 2010

Possible Rival of BAEK SEUNG JO

As you can see at my last post, there will be a another guy who will fall in love with Oh Ha Ni. He's a possible rival of Baek Seung Jo. As the preview stated, this guys will ask Ha Ni out for a date. Rumor has that the first choice for that rival guy is Kim Bum, but Choi Sung Jun seems have gotten the role. Choi Sung Jun is the guy from Goong. He's the one of Prince Shin's friends. He liked Min Hyo Ri (2nd female lead from Goong).

 He is one of the cast of 'Can Love be Refilled?' (Leader's first ever drama). 

 credits to newyorkcitygirl@soompi

I can't wait for this guy to come. He's actually a good looking guy, and I had my eye on him when I was crazy about Goong ekekeke.. But I didn't notice him that much but I can say that he's really handsome. ^_^ Woah!!! I'm so excited! I hope he'll make Seung Jo jealous but as I have read from forums/thread, Seung Jo won't be jealous at all because he knows that it's all of his mother's plan. Tsk..

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