Monday, October 25, 2010

[Maknae] Kim Hyung Joon's Taiwan Fanmeeting

Our Maknae is one of the busiest from the 5 of them, well Leader too is very busy. Maknae held a fanmeeting today in Taiwan and what can I say? the fans were soo lucky to see our Maknae that hot~ I mean, would you believe this hot guy used to be a cry baby? kekeke~ look at him now, I'm so proud. And I have to say this, I think Mellow already retired from being Maknae's dancer partner kekeke did she received too many hate messages ? kekeke~ Well, I can't blame the fans hehehe...



This is what I'm talkin about. This girl isn't Mellow anymore~


Maknae back from Taiwan~ (Incheon Airport)

I think aside Mal from being so kind to the fans, Maknae too is really kind~ our Tom & Jerry are the kings of Fan Service.

Photos by PRETTY BOY


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