Thursday, October 28, 2010

[Leader] Kim Hyun Joong ranked 2nd to Kpop Live's 'Which Idol Exhibits The Best Qualities of a Leader'

What are the qualities of being the best as a Leader? Well I believe Ss501's Leader has it all kekekeke.. Bias? LOL~ Well for me, Kim Hyun Joong is the best Leader because he's not letting his members to outshine one another. I bet you are noticing why Leader sometimes is quiet when they are having interviews etc etc.. Well that's because since he is already super duper famous, he lets his members to shine as well. Being a good Leader doesn't mean you can handle your members or you can make them behave. A good Leader knows when to act as one, not all the time you own the screen and ofcourse not all the time you have to act as one. You have to step down to your members's level~ And I think Leader Kim Hyun Joong has it all. 

Which Idol Ehxhibits The Best Qualities of a Leader

Every idol group needs to have a leader who not just settles issues among the members, but also encourages and inspires them. 
Innolife held a poll from September 24th to October 11th asking participants to choose the leader from an idol group who possesses the best qualities of a leader.
DBSK‘s YunHo placed first with 88,511 (72.3%) votes out of the total 122,434 votes. Look who got the succeeding spots.
1. DBSK (YunHo)                          88,511 (72.3%)
2. SS501 (Kim HyunJoong)      15,454 (12.6%)
3. SNSD (TaeYeon)                         5,152 (4.2%)
4. Big Bang (G-Dragon)                 11,857 (9.7%)
5. Super Junior (LeeTeuk)           1,375 (1.1%)
6. KARA (Park Gyuri)                           85 (0.1%)
Source: + Baidu CheersYoonho +  BaiduTVXQ
Translation: tvxqhwaiting
Written by: reindrops


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