Sunday, October 17, 2010

B2M Entertainment Invitation

There's an invitation for KyuSaeng's fans! How nice of B2M for inviting us kekekeke.. But I doubt we international fans can attend to this. So they will start negotiating about Kyu and Saengie's future activities under their company. I really hope they will take good care of our Prince and Center.

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Hello everybody,

This is B2M Entertainment company.

In mid October, will hold a meeting for 'Kim Kyu Jong & Heo Young Saeng gun' fanclubs admins.

This  meeting is held in order to discuss about Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young  Saeng-gun future activities plans; and everybody and B2M Entertainments  aim and also information sharing.

Furthermore, in order to allow  Kim Kyu Jong & Heo Young Saeng-gun to have more development by  creating even more opportunity. (*Mini UFO: This part not very sure)

This  conference's purpose is to have even better development between fans  and B2M Entertainment, even if you are busy, would request that  everybody can please make time to attend.

For the detail schedule  and plans, each fansite admin please list your fansite address, name  and contact method, email to the below email address. After  consolidation, will release further notice through this notice board.

Mail address is:

If there's any enquiries please contact 02-501-8678 (B2M Entertainment Jeon Hyoung Jin)

Thank you for your love and attention towards B2M Entertainment. Thank You!

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