Tuesday, October 19, 2010

[DSP NOTICE] Kim Hyung Joon's First Musical Project [10-7-10]

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I don't know if you already read this notice from DSP but why did DSP suddenly became so concern about our boys? Isn't this should nothing to do about them? I'm totally confuse. I have nothing against DSP (ahem*) but thanks anyways for looking out on our boys. Still cares about 'em eh?

****English Translation****

Hello. This is DSP media. 
SS501's youngest Kim Hyung Joon is up to musical challenge

Details are as follows.  


SS501 Kim Hyung Joon chosen first musical "Cafe-In"
It will be held at Art Hall in Samsung-dong, from November 24 marks the performances in the musical "Cafe-In"; started the movement of containers through the multi-SS501 Kim Hyung Joon's first musical "Cafe-In"
Open the 1st selling of tickets will start on October 8. 
Thank you a lot of fan support.  

Musical "Cafe-In"; 
Date: 2010. 11. 24 (Wed.) ~ 2011. 1. 23 (a) 
Location: White Rock Hall dong amount: R seat 66,000 won / S 55,000  
Reservation, contact: 02-3272-2223 

Challenge as the first musical love, and ask a lot of attention. 

Thank You.

[DSP Media] 

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