Thursday, October 14, 2010

SS501 members officially join Hyori’s new agency, B2M Entertainment

As I've told you before I will never post a news here unless it's official. I've heard this news yesterday and since it's not yet sure, I didn't post it yet. 

Finally, the boys are complete. Leader (Key East), Jung Min (CNR), Maknae (S-Plus), and now Kyu and Saengie (B2M). Now I can smell comeback here. I'm not giving you false hope or whatsoever but I think having our last 2 boys (Kyu and Saengie) finally signed in a company gave me an idea that this will start a negotiation for their comeback. I know our boys are planning already but it seemed that it's not going anywhere since the two is undecided to which company to join yet. Now they're complete! They can start their comeback negotiation completely. ^_^

P.S: Isn't it great? Kyu and Saengie will have a reunion with their Sunbae Lee Hyo Ri! kekekeke.. I bet Leader's jealous. *woot

reposted from allkpop: 

SS501 members Heo Yeong Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong will soon be “eating off the same plate” as Lee Hyori, as it was just revealed that they have officially decided to join her new label B2M Entertainment.
The company stated, “We’ve decided that we’ll be finishing up the contracts for Heo Yeong Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong this week.”
The two SS501 idols are said to still be on good terms with the CEO of their former management company, DSP Entertainment. In addition to pursuing their music careers, they plan to add acting on their resumes in the future.
Despite the members being split up amongst different agencies, they have all asserted that ss501 will still remain as a group.
Source + Photo: Newsen


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