Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How Tall is Jung So Min? (Female Lead at Mischievous Kiss)

Still thinking if our Leader and Jung So min fit together in their upcoming drama? 
You have probably seen the Taiwan version (ISWAK) right? The Female lead there is petite and in the anime, the girl seems to be small.. 
Photos of Jung So min made me wonder how tall this girl is, because the character she will portray is not that tall. Jung So min looked tall in the pictures! agree? hehehehe..
And the description of the female lead character should really be towered by Naoki (leader's role)
well, here's the real score!

Joe's 188cm and ariel's 160cm... a difference of 28cm...

Bad guy cast

 Jong SO min's only 155cm.. or maybe between 155-158 

and hyun joong is 181
so height difference is 22-23cm

credit: purple princess from lovekimhyunjoong.com + czakhareina@soompi

Seriously, I didn't know that Jung So Min is small. Look at her photos! hehehe.. wow, I think she really fits the character well. Tsk.tsk.. This might sound bad but, I think Leader and So Min will look good together.. aigooooo.. 
Triple S pretties! don't bash this girl araso? kekekekekeke..


Noni Safuani said...

At a glance, So Min might not be the girl worth rooting for...but few times looking at her pics (with Leader), this girl is pretty cute..and yeah, she's as short as me (I'm 157 cm)...and they sure look good together..no haters please ^_^


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

wow, I was shocked, she even shorter than me. My height 162 cm. I dunno, this makes me feel happy. ^^ i like it