Friday, July 16, 2010

Updates on SS501 maknae Kim Hyung Jun's birthday event

Okay, I understand this posting is a bit late with regards to this event. But might as well post it since it concerns cheezemelt's yum yum (kekekeke). Well, first of all, upon hearing this kind of news, it made me excited and happy at the same time. Because finally after a long month break, I will be seeing the members once again together. Come to think of it, we all miss them right? So this would be one special event that we don't want to miss. ^^

But let me just add a couple of things. I heard, some are a bit shocked about the news that there are members of SS501 attending the event. Since it's Hyung Jun's birthday, isn't it normal to see the 4 other members? Let me reiterate that they are NOT disbanded. They are still SS501 and if one of them is celebrating a birthday, of course they will attend to show some love and support. And we are aware of the fact that they treat each other as brothers, so it's no surprise at all to see them there, right guys?

So let's just wait for that moment and celebrate with maknae on that special day. ^^


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This is one event a TS in Seoul shouldn't miss. Credits to / + (English translation)

Notice 1:Hello. This is SS501's official fanclub TripleS.

Though we have already posted a notice in SS601, but because there are too many information to be digested about, we have decided to open for another noticeboard.

Address as follow:-

In future, all informations will go to this webpage, also, should you have any queries to this birthday party, please head to the QNA noticeboard found on the webpage, and we will give you our reply there.

You do not have to sign up in order to view any information there.

However, you would need to sign up as a member at the QNA noticeboard when you are intending to forward queries or questions. When you sign up, you must follow this format : [Region/Name]. Should you not follow the right format, you will be lowered to a level down and thus lose your permission to send queries.

Also, there is also a poll ongoing on the webpage for the venue where this party will be held at. Final decision will be made based on the results of this poll, considering safety concerns and doubts. Though AX-Korea (Melon AX Hall) has already been our first consideration, we are still carrying out this vote, so until results from this poll has been collated, there will be a possibility for any changes. We will be carrying out decision making based on all you fans' suggestions and views. For fans who will not be able to partake in this party, please don't participate in the voting.

Notices where we have put up in 601 previously have all been moved to now, and so all that were posted in SS601 have been deleted. Thank you for much of your concern and enthusiastic feedbacks to HyungJun-gun's birthday party.

Notice 2:

On August 1, Sunday, HyungJun-gun's birthday party will be held, and adding on to that, there will be a surprise party for all who will be coming. For the sake of getting closer to all fans and to satisfy their desire in wanting to see him up close and directly, HyungJun-gun has specially prepared for a special event. As to what kind of event it will be, it remains to be confirmed, but it will be a very happy day to be weaved!

On August 1, besides HyungJun-gun himself and of course fans, there will be other guests present on the day as well to meet with fans as well as celebrate for HyungJun-gun. And these other guests will be scheduled to be SS501 members. Amidst the members who will be attending on the day, there are some who has already confirmed their attendance, but there are also some who still aren't able to confirm their attendance due to schedule issues. However, because they are really keen in coming, they will try their best to go. To the extend of such zealousy from our members, we hope that everybody would be able to enjoy to the fullest on the day.

This event that was planned for the sake of everyone, it will be a day that is for Hyung Jun. If most of you won't be there that day, leaving only HyungJun and a few fans only, this common space shared between all of us would only seem empty and desolent. We also look forward to all fans from everywhere.

P.S, We will not entertain queries to "Who (members) will be coming and who will not be coming" or "What kind of event has HyungJun planned?".

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cheezeemelt said...

hahahaha well said namja! my yum yum! hahaha! well, this is just a proof that some of us are still in doubt.. too bad.. too sad.. tsk..