Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kim Hyung Jun's First Acting Debut ''I was really worried''

Source: EToday
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Kim Hyung Jun's First Acting Debut ''I was really worried''

Singer Kim Hyung Jun from SS501 initially expressed his feelings on his first drama debut.

Cable channel KBS N held its press conference for the new drama 'She's Glowing' in Yeoksamdong Novotel Ambassador Hotel today 1/4 at 3pm.

Kim Hyung Jun when asked what's the feeling to debut as an actor he answered 'I was really nervous and trembling'. Continued ''I've been a singer for a long time, I worried a lot and feel afraid that people will look different on me as an actor''  ''I will give more of my best in the future'' 

Kim Hyung Jun also said ''I will work had until I get a recognition''

In the drama 'She's Glowing' Kim Hyung Jun played the role of a Top Star named Kang Min.

Meanwhile Kim Hyung Jun together with So Lee Hyeon will star the 12 episode drama 'Glowing She' on the 7th at 10:40pm and episodes 1 and 2 will air continuously.


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