Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kim Kyu Jong's Dream-Like Encounter With Oh Se Jung 'I Was Really Thrilled'

While I was watching Strong Heart with Kyu Jong and Oh Se Jung last night, I can't help but smile and feel happy for Kyu Jong. ^^ 

Don't forget to watch the 2nd part of Strong Heart with Kyu and Oh Se Jung next tuesday at 11:15pm KST.

Meanwhile here's an article about them I translated ^^~

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Kim Kyu Jong's Dream-Like Encounter With Oh Se Jung 'I Was Really Thrilled'

From SS501 group Kim Kyu Jong met his usual ideal girl Oh Se Jung and was overwhelmed. Yesterday, in SBS' 'Strong Heart' Kim Kyu Jong appeared together with Oh Se Jung who can not hide the tense on their face. 
He steadily broadcasted and confessed that Oh Se Jung is indeed his 'Ideal Match'.

Kim Kyu Jong smiling and ashamed said ''2 years ago after I confessed, I accidentally stumbled upon her on the road. My eyes went really big and the fans were really surprised when they saw me with that reaction. That was our first meeting''.

Oh Se Jung who also appeared in the past episodes was so grateful to Kyu Jong choosing her as one of his special someone.

During the episode, Oh Se Jung said that since then many people actually thought she is going out with him. ''Many people thought that we are actually really dating''. An endoscopy nurse once asked me ''You're the girlfriend of an idol, aren't you?'' 

Both of them hugged each other and created a warm atmosphere in the studio. 

In addition the two gave each other a glance and confessed that they contacted each other off-cam.

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