Saturday, March 20, 2010

Another Voting Work for Triple S!

Guys, we need to work again this time. There is another polls ongoing asking which Korean singer to invite for Taiwan's Music Awards and the other one is asking which Korean Celebrity to present an Award at the said event.

Here are the Links: the first one (Korean Singer to Invite for Taiwan's Music Awards):

here's the second one:
(Which Korean Celeb ti present an Award)

HOW TO VOTE?: just click the circle beside SS501, after that enter the codes being asked and be sure to enter the right code since it is sensitive to small and capital letters then click the orange button to the right side that says 投標 (vote). A pop window will appear, just click okay and after that it will bring you to the Results page.

As of now, SS501 is on 3rd spot on the first category. Suju and Bigbang is leading and on the 2nd category SS501 is second to SUJU. I read that last year it was SUJU who got invited.

NOTE: you can only vote once but I think you can vote again using other computer.

Credits: rbjdlg@soompi

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