Monday, March 29, 2010

Hyung Joon as Jihoo in BOF?

As we all know, Ukiss had their Promo Tour here in Manila. They visited 3 SM malls namely, SM Megamall, SM Clark and SM North Edsa.

As I were preparing to watch them at North Edsa, I decided to check first on the newspaper if they have an adjustments or announcement to make regarding their Mall tour in SM North Edsa.

My eyes brought me to the Business section, I don't know why since if I'm looking for Ukiss I should be at the Entertainment section. But that was a good move after all because I suddenly read an article bout Ukiss.

The article was about them having their 3-day mall show with their last stop at SM North Edsa. It introduced the 7 members of Ukiss stating also their age and stuffs. It also includes the group's history. The article said that Ukiss got popular in an instant is because of their 2 hottest members, Kim Ki Bum and Kevin Woo. They were actually a former members of the group Xing and Kim Ki Bum is actually the brother of Kim Hyung Joon the Jihoo of the Hit TV series Boys over Flowers.

WAH! this is insane! completely wrong information!! I have nothing against UKiss but this might misunderstand by the readers and Ukiss might gain supporters because of this wrong information. The readers might actually believe the article grrrrrrr...

I emailed already the newspaper. I said that their info is wrong and I corrected it. Hopefully they will changed what they wrote immediately.

You might think that I'm being exaggerated but this happened twice already in two different Newspapers. I won't say the newspaper's name but I'd say that these 2 is BIG in newspaper world.

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