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Updated: Episode 2. (Princess Hours Fanfic)

Alright! when I saw this picture of leader from his Tony Moly fan signing, I decided to put his looks right now to Ethan..keke..^___^ I love the hair by the way.ü

All he could hear was nothing. Ethan thought that this could be the most quiet moment in his life. He wouldn't open his eyes, wanting to cherish the quietness he's experiencing. He felt great, everything is at peace. "aaahhh..this is what you called life" he said.^_^
Suddenly the picture of a girl and a baby in a stroller came to his mind, and the great feeling he had a while ago was slowly fading.....then he felt something hard, stone-like thing on his left leg. The sudden realization
made him open his eyes.

Ethan: Oh great.


Queen: What are you thinking princess? Why did you do that? You better explain yourself.
Princess Janelle: I didn't do anything. It happened so fast.
Queen: Your bodyguards said, that you were trying to hide from them.
Princess Janelle: I'm not hiding. (teary-eyed)
Queen: Never mind. It seems that you're still not coping up with the situation and so I decided to give you a Personal Secretary, so that you will not end up like this in the future. You're not doing your duties anymore and your personal secretary will be the one to take care of your duties for the mean time.
Before Princess Janelle could answer, her personal secretary suddenly entered the scene accompanied by the Queen's servants. A square faced lady with a pure black pony-tailed hair and stands at 5'8 gave Princess Janelle goosebumps.
Princess Janelle: I, I, I don't need her. I can handle it myself. (still looking at the lady)
But the Queen ignored her.
Queen: Princess Janelle, meet Lady Shin, your personal secretary.

Janelle was stunned by the way Lady Shin looked at her. Janelle didn't know if she's scared or just amazed by the beauty of the lady.
Lady Shin looked at Princess Janelle and bowed for respect. Princess Janelle bowed back.
Princess Janelle: (still stunned) Annyeonghaseyo Lady Shin.
Lady Shin: (smiling) Annyeonghaseyo Princess Janelle.
Lady Shin is a picture of a beauty queen, nice face,smile and all. Janelle thought.
(picture Lady Shin as Lee Ha Nui)
When Princess Janelle caught Lady Shin's eyes looking at her, Princess Janelle wasn't confused anymore..she was scared.

Back at the hospital:

Ethan was sitting in his bed. His left leg is on a cast.

Doctor: You broke your leg. Luckily your leg was the only one got hit by the car. Nothing serious though. You'll be fine in a month.

Ethan took a deep breath and closed his eyes. "relax Ethan, relax..." he said to himself.

Imagine HJL (Ethan) here as Jihoo Sunbae in the scene where he asked Jandi how to cook pancakes.

How long will I be like this?
Doctor: Probably a month
Ethan: Will I be needing Therapy or something?I play soccer, I need my leg back.
Doctor: Nothing serious to your leg, you don't need therapy. You'll just need to shake it off little by little after the cast was out. But don't push yourself too hard. No strenuous exercise for a week or so.
Ethan: That's not 1 month. Spill it mister.
Doctor: Alright then. 2 months.
Ethan didn't answer back. He just closed his eyes and leaned his head back. He opened his eyes when he heard someone just entered his room. "Monster" Ethan thought. A monster-like lady with a pale looking face who made Ethan remembered his terror teacher back from his high school days.

I see Ethan here as HJL on his We got married days kekeke... awkward..
Who are you? (little bit irritated, closed is eyes again and leaned back)
Lady Shin: I am Lady Shin from the Palace. Nice meeting you Mr. Park
Ethan: What do you want? (still eyes closed)
Lady Shin: In behalf of the Palace, We would like to send our deepest gratitude for saving Crown Prince Vincent.

Since Ethan grew up in Japan, he doesn't know much about the palace.

Ethan: What palace? Prince who?
Lady Shin: The future King of Korea sir, Prince Vincent the son of Princess Janelle and the late Prince Gian.

He remembered again the girl at the park and the reason why she is familiar the moment he saw her.

kekeke i'll update this tomorrow.. i am sleepy..can't think anymore kekeke...


Lady Shin: The palace would like to offer you this.

Lady Shin handed a blue hard bound folder with the palace's logo sealed at the front. Inside is the palace's proposal to Ethan as a gratitude for saving the Crown Prince's life.

While Ethan was reading it.

Lady Shin: The Queen wanted to give you a full scholarship at the Royal University and a chance to play for the school's soccer team.

Ethan wants this. He could play soccer for the royal school. He thought that this could be a big opportunity for him to play not only for any ordinary school's out there but for the most prestigious University in Korea.
He was about to accept the accept the offer but he suddenly realized the reason why he's here. He wanted to be independent and by accepting the offer would make him dependent again.

Ethan: mianheyo. uhmm... I already have a school but thanks for the offer though.

He gave back the folder to Lady Shin. (with half smile)

Lady Shin: Please re-consider about this matter Mr. Park. The Queen would be very happy to know you accept it.

Ethan thought " The Queen? what about the Princess?"

Lady Shin: Please contact us immediately when you change your mind. We'll stay in touch. Have a nice day Mr. Park. Kamsahamnida.

Lady Shin left the room with finesse and poise, leaving Ethan confused about what he had just decided about the offer.
For Ethan, the offer was really tempting but he's desire to be independent made him turned down the offer.

Minutes had past. Ethan heard someone coming again to his room. They were talking this time. But Ethan was really exhausted right now. Knowing that he can't play for 2 months and he had just saved the Crown Prince's life was just too much to handle for him. He needs to rest. He wants silence. And so he pretended to be asleep.

~do you remember the 3 girl friends of Princess Janelle? oh well I forgot their names kekekeke...

Friend 1: Omo! Janelle, don't say that. Think about Vin-vin. Don't run away. I still want those clothes you're giving me.. kekekeke.^_^
Friend 2: She's right. You'll not be able to give us those designer's bag and clothes anymore.haha..
Friend 3 (The long hair girl with glasses): C'mon guys. Quit it.

Janelle took a deep breath, still stressed about the situation ans still looking nowhere. She was like, lost in her own world.
When they were about to enter the room, Janelle's phone rang. She stopped and answered the phone but her girlfriends went straight to Ethan's room.

Friend 2: OMO! LOOK! LOOK! (pointing at Ethan, and was amazed of what she saw)
Friend 3: ssshhhhh!...quiet, he's sleeping. (she looked at friend 1), Yah!(whispering) you're drooling.stop it.

Friend 2 went looking for Janelle.
Friend 2: Where is Janelle? she have to see this.^_^

Meanwhile outside....
Princess Janelle: (on the phone ) Ne... araso, appa.. =)

She left the hospital immediately after her father called her to go to their house. Her father cooked for her again and Princess Janelle just love that.

end of ep.2~~~


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