Friday, April 23, 2010



Quainte 501 has 2 projects for Leader's Bday and SS501's 5th Anniversary...

------------> For SS501's 5th Anniversary, the deadline is on MAY 02, 2010

------------> For Leader's Birthday, the deadline is on MAY 20, 2010

Don't get confuse by the dates araso???

So here's how:

For SS501's 5th Anniversary, go here and just follow the instructions:

For Leader's Bday, Read this:

In this part, to those who are not Quainte members, you can PM your message to (mindy1027) at soompi. Or if you don't have soompi account, just let me do the honors and send your message to my email ( Don't forget your Name and country okay? I'll be the one to send it for you.... don't forget the deadline for Leader's Bday Project is MAY 20, 2010? Got it??

PARTICIPATE!!!! this won't cause you harm right???????

This would only take 10 mins of your time, so don't ever think about it...DO IT!!!

In this way, we can show to our boys our appreciation and we could show our gratitude!!!

go! go! go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


najia said...

i think...

hyun joong birethday was 6 june...
not 20 may....

cheezeemelt said...

yep it's june 6... but the deadline for the project is on May 20. because I think quainte will still do some designing and stuff to make it more presentable to hyun joong...^^ hey if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask me...okay?^^