Friday, April 2, 2010

Princess Hours 2 (FANFIC) ^_^

You are probably wondering why the hell there is Princess Hours 2 since Joo Ji Hoon isn't available for the sequel. Since I'm a big fan of Boys Over Flowers, Jihoo, Princess Hours and Princess Janelle and I'm really craving for Hyun Joong's next acting project, I decided to make a fanfic all about Princess Hours and I included Kim Hyun Joong as the leading man.^_^

Here's how it goes: (hope you like it) and sorry for my English..ü

After Princess Janelle gave birth to their first child with Prince Gian, The crown Prince got sick. He had Leukemia and this made the whole palace felt terrible. Prince Gian Died after the 1st birthday of their son. (sorry i had to kill prince Gian to make way for Kim Hyun Joong) kekeke..^^)
Princess Janelle mourned like hell, she even forgot about her duties as a Crown Princess. The Queen and King were so worried about Janelle, and even Prince Troy (Currently in England) was so worried about Princess Janelle too. They can't do anything about what's happening. All the help they can give was always rejected. Her child, Prince Vincent was the only one that can make her happy and forgot about the situation.
Princess Janelle's family was also worried, her father even made him rice cakes everyday just to make her cheer up.


Ethan is from a very prestigious family from Japan (but they are Koreans). They owned one of the biggest Communications Company in Japan. He is an only child loves sports especially Soccer, everything he wanted in life is within reach. At first, he liked being rich. He got cars, girls, house.. anything! And one day, he realized that everything about him is money. Money makes his world go round that made him decide to change all of it.

He ran away, and came back in Korea, his hometown. ( I can see Hyun Joong here a little bit of Jihoo but more liberated and active..^^)

And so, when he arrived in Korea the first thing in his mind is to find a house where he can stay (even though he ran away, he brought all of his savings so he's still a little bit rich). He enrolled himself in a University where it is popular because of their Soccer Team. His plan is to stay focus on his study and pursue his dream as a soccer player without any help from his parents. He wanted to be independent.
He got a house, near to a park. He chose it because he wants to jog every morning. Ethan also applied himself to the soccer team of the University and so he wants to condition himself everyday through jogging.
His parents got no idea what's going on with their son since they're a very busy persons but they love their son very much.

back to Princess Janelle......^^,

She was so sad, she cried everyday and won't eat at all. But Prince Vincent is always there to cheer her up. And so she decided to take prince Vincent to the park since it's weekend and relax a little bit because she was so exhausted. Of course she asked permission from the Queen, but the Queen won't allow her without her bodyguards.

Princess Janelle: huh? I don't want any bodyguards. I just want to take a walk with little Vin. =(
Queen: But you need your bodyguards, it's okay if you're alone but you have vin vin along with you. It's too dangerous out there.
Princess Janelle: Araso araso.. (turns to vin vin, and make funny faces ^^,)
In Princess Janelle's mind, she had to follow the Queen but she had a plan to get those bodyguards away. ( knowing princess Janelle, she is very intelligent but funny at the same time right?^^)...

And so they went to the park with their bodyguards. Princess Janelle and vin vin hid behind the trees to confuse the bodyguards then, she headed downhill part of the park. She was so tired and panting and so she decided to stop and rest for a while first. Prince Vin vin loved the hiding part coz he felt like he was in roller coaster.

Princess Janelle: aigoo........ aissshhh.. darn those bodyguards.. (panting)..(panting and panting)


Ethan just had his late lunch. Since he doesn't know how to cook, he always eat ramen. (kekekeke..very hyun joong!!!) He's so lazy that day to eat outside and so he just ate ramen. Actually, this is his 3rd consecutive days eating ramen hahahaha and that made him realized he's getting bulgy.. hekhekheke..^^ and so he decided to jog at the park just a couple of blocks away form his house. (imagine Hyun Joong jogging, with his favorite blue jacket wearing only sando (sleeveless shirt) inside and shorts and adidas rubber shoes..kekekeke...^^, and with an Ipod.)

While he was jogging, he saw a girl panting and with a baby in a stroller. He stopped and looked.
He wondered who is this girl, because he thought she was familiar. As he was thinking, s
ince they are at the downhill part of the park he noticed that the stroller with the baby was slowly moving towards the road/highway. The girl didn't notice it because she was too busy panting and so conscious about her surroundings. And so Ethan walked towards the baby but the stroller got so fast, so he ran as fast as he could. The girl ran also, she's just behind Ethan. Ethan got worried because the stroller was heading to the highway. But Ethan was also fast enough and so he got the stroller almost at the middle of the road, luckily there wasn't any car at that line. He took a deep breath and smiled at the girl a bit coz he was just in time for the baby. Seconds had past, he heard a raging car towards him....................................

Princess Janelle:

end of Ep.1... ^^,


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