Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"My Favorite with SS501"

My friend Sab told me about this show... It's quite old since it featured SS501' sub group.

GOSH! our boys really turned into matured men eh???

What I love about this show:

1. Saengie's smile
2. Maknae's way of putting lotion! (damn hot!) he's habit of putting lotion on his neck just killed me!!
3. Kyu's feelings for Yoo bin of Wonder Girls (this was all because of WGM)
4. Sangie's way of setting his hair. (uber hot!)
5. Maknae on how to reverse a car..(love it when he bit the parking coupon!!!) so manly!
6. Saengie also on how to reverse a car (showing his jaw line!gyaaaaahhhh...!!)
7. Saengie's blushing face!
8. Saengie's confession of his first love..
9. Leader's conversation with Saengie (awkward)
10. Maknae said 'I miss you' to his Hyun Joong hyung even hyun joong bullied him(as always!)
11. Saengie's drawing!!!!!! ahhh!!

All in all...they are all hot here! they've just got out from their shells! kekekeke.. omo I think I'm liking saengie now... ottoke?? He just got promoted from my list kekekek form the last one to top 4..kekeke.. but that made kyu my last on my list.. it's okay.. I love them all!!

oh well.. to those who haven't watch this yet.. you MUST watch it NOW! kekekeke..

  • part1

  • part2

  • part3

  • part4

  • part5

  • ENJOY!^________________^

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