Friday, April 9, 2010

A Snobbish Leader?

We all know that Leader went to Spain right? and we all know that based from the fancams, Leader didn't even bothered to wave or smile to the fans.I'm sure a lot of fans are thinking that we have a "Snobbish Leader" here.

So I listed down the possibilities and reasons why he acted like that in Barcelona Airport.

It might be wrong and it might be true. So which stand are you?

  • Since they gave the wrong information, the fans mistakenly went to Madrid instead to Barcelona, maybe leader was also dissapointed about that too?
  • Maybe He's just tired from the flight?
  • Maybe he was instructed by his managers not to wave/smile to the fans? Because as you can see there were no securities around for Leader. His Managers were just concerned about Leader's safety.
  • Maybe Leader was Culture Shocked? Who would've thought that his popularity is extended up to Europe? (which I'm very happy bout that ^__^)?
These are just opinions so no hard feelings okay? hehehe..^_^

Let me just say this:

Whether Leader waved/smiled or not, for me as a TRUE fan.. the important is that I saw Leader in Person! (how I wish!)^__________^ Isn't that great??

I mean, I saw in person my very much loved idol! It doesn't matter anymore for me if he looked at me or smiled at me, what matter is I SAW HIM and we were at the same place and at the same time.

And if I'm really a TRUE FAN by heart and soul, I should be aware that Leader is really not that accommodating and shy at times in person.
He's not like Mal who is like Ms. Korea who never stops waving and smiling to the fans.
He has his own ways to show his appreciation and I'm sure we all know how.

Idols are persons too! They commit mistakes just like us!

Just imagine yourself at Leader's shoes.
Just think how tired Leader is,considering all his activities.

For an Idol, do you know how far and tiring to travel from a your country to the other side of the world?

Well, for an ordinary persons like us, that would be fun because, we got to travel to different places. But for an IDOL? It's a burden for them.

Not having enough sleep, stress and fatigue PLUS they'll travel for like 18 hours. Long hours of travel (even though we can sleep at the airplane) is very exhausting for them!

Knowing that, upon arrival to their destination they cannot rest first or have some sleep but they have to work immediately.. MAN!! that's really annoying and tiring and stressful!

Just thinking of these, made me understand Leader.

I hope people won't judge him just because of this.

And yeah, have you noticed that Leader accepted a gift from a fan by HIMSELF? even though managers are monitoring very tightly?

Isn't that sweet of him?

~peace out~

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Buge said...

ITA on everything you said! It might be disappointing but I won't take it against him.

사랑해 김현중!