Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hyungs attack!!!!!

Hyun Joong, “.......................................”
2010-04-01 12:32:08 AM

On Wednesday...I will go to Spain to study abroad
Because there are a lot of headache things, I will return once I straighten my thoughts
501 album must be released, however we didn’t even recorded any songs and no songs are out yet ..It is a headache situation
May 1st album... I think we won’t be able to keep this promise.. Sorry
Don’t be too taken aback by this choice of mine, always believe in my choice, like how you’ve done till now
Give me your support.. I am sincere. I will not regret my choice ...Please believe me
Writing the last message in this homepage............


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This is a bad joke leader! bad joke! amp! if this is one of your 4Dness thingy, stop it! grrrrr... you have to take this back,, now!!!

aissshhhh... seriously, I got nervous when I first read leader's message in hangul.. I read 'study' and 'spain'. My hands went cold about this! no kiddin! so please leader make your statement clear! please???

those two hyungs are really playing tricks on us! aren't they! grrrrr...

I don't know if this is true, but some said that he will just shoot a film there but not to study. hope this is true... LEADER!!!!!!!!!!!!! don't leave us.. huhuhu you haven't go to the philippines yet!=(

and here the dongsaeng's reply: (i love these dongsaengs!kyu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) ='(

To Young Saeng, he replied: was tricked.. wow daebak............uing?! hhh, got tricked in the morning ne.....merong (expression; unsatisfied)

To Hyun Joong, he replied: Ahjussi (older uncle), Too late Too late kkk... If so, I'd have gone to bullfight in Spain as well hh

Kyu's replies translated by ode@blog

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