Saturday, April 3, 2010

Superstar: airing will be in June '10

I've been waiting for this. At last they revealed it's airing date..^^

BLACK CITY confirms its airing month

translate: (+pic) 雪梨@TSTW / ode..


=in RED
SUPER-STAR (to air after "GIANT")

:::South Korea's 2010 Official TV Drama Schedule List:::

Consisting of movie "Don't need love"'s director Lee Jung-ha, "To sir, with love"'s director Im Dae-woong, "Highway Star"'s Kim Hyun-soo director, with a total of 10 well-known directors participating in the production, inclusive of Son Ho-young, Shim Eun-jin, Seo Ji-young, SS501 Kim HyungJun etc, more than a total of 30 korean representative singers would be in the drama "SuperStar", which would soon take over the spot after GIANT ends its run in June on SBS.

The first epilogue would be "Black City" where HyungJun and Son Ho-young are protagonists for this, SS501 Kim HyungJun acts as a very charismatic young heirloom master, having quite alot of opponent scenes with Bae Seul-gi and Son Ho-young who are also singers. In another epilogue "The Vine Prince who got stabbed" (transliteral), Shim Eun-jin and An Jae-mo would be the protagonists for this.

Production company NEMOSTORY related personnel has expressed, "We believe that when this drama airs by then, it would stir about yet another hanryu wave, we hope to echo another season of spring back to the hanryu markets again".
After which, SUPER-STAR would be airing in Thailand and other SEA countries, as well as in Japan, it would be become the hot contents throughout asiawide.

credit: ss501ode

and to make you more excited here's Maknae's screen shot from Black City..^^

credit photo: welovess501

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