Wednesday, March 31, 2010

[Poll] Please vote for SS501 @ Which Asian Artist/s would you like to see in concert here in the US? (Open to US resident only)

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Wah! guys this is big! gosh remember Ellen Degeneres show's asked for what Asian group we would like to feature to their show? awww... and you all know who won right? hmmmm.. maybe this time we have to work work work work and work! C'mon guys! It won't hurt to vote. But the thing is, US citizens can only vote to this poll. Awwwwww... but maybe you guys have relatives in the states and ask them to vote for SS501?? PUHLEEESSSSEEE?????
I just can't take it when TVXQ fans said bad things to our boys. Maybe this is payback time???

Here's how to vote:

and this is the recent result. Our boys is currently at the 3rd spot.

tell your friends from US to vote here!! C'mon! Triple S unite!!!^^

Credit: SS501fighting

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