Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kamilia's offended?

When i watched back the video of maknae, singing and dancing Kara's Lupin, I read from the comments in YT that some of Kara's fans are offended of what maknae did. I didn't read the exact comment coz' I think the video's owner erased it.

Well for me, this is not offending at all. Actually it will raise the popularity of Lupin because of Hyungjoon although Lupin really is popular right now but maknae didn't do this just to offend Kara's fan. He did this for fun and you can see that he and his friends are havin fun.. For the changing the lyrics part, well I think the PD asked him to that because I heard Maknae saying 'Music High FM' etc etc. (My opinion only)

Kara's fan should be happy for this. SS501's Kim Hyung Joon just sang Kara's Lupin and even danced it too.. DSP family should not be fighting like this.. We should love each other! I love Kara! and I love SS501!^^

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